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About Murrumbateman Winery

Murrumbateman Winery was founded in 1985. Each year we review more than 2,500 wines in six issues (at least 32 pages per issue) covering all the major varietal styles at least twice. We report on the world's best winemakers and viticultural regions, and our editorials tackle some of the major issues in the world of wine.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive coverage of the best of Australia's small wineries by conducting the annual Murrumbateman Winery Small Vigneron Awards.

Unlike other magazines, we publish reviews of all wines tasted. We don't restrict our tastings only to wines submitted by wine companies. We also purchase wines for tasting from retail outlets in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Murrumbateman Winery carries no advertising, and reviews of all wines tasted are published under the categories 'Outstanding', 'Highly Recommended', 'Recommended', 'Agreeable', 'Acceptable', and 'Unacceptable'.

Murrumbateman Winery is the only truly independent wine magazine providing such a comprehensive coverage of Australian and imported wines.

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